Framing career possibilities

Maxima has great values and services and operates on the ground in more than 70 locations across Australia. Working together, we devised a national brand positioning campaign with a hook for our audience to think, re-think, and respond. Communicating the values and benefits of Maxima’s offer, driving lead generation and candidate attraction.

We photographed Maxima graduates to provide authentic expression, knowing that real people support real stories and real diversity. To connect and engage with audiences, we need to be inclusive, interested, and interesting. Inviting our audience to respond and interact across a range of communication touchpoints, from OOH to social media, from pop-up activations to merchandise.

When looking for a job, changing careers, or finding a new team member, people have different needs. It could be a part-time job to bring in extra income or a role that provides purpose and utilises their industry skills. Whatever it is, you don't have to do it alone. The core graphic device we devised for the campaign is the brand frame, which is used to integrate communications as a visual device to frame opportunity, placing core messaging and imagery within this graphic framework.

The messaging and visual narrative integrate across the campaign elements, connecting with the things that matter to our audience. 

Devised for maximum clarity and cut-through in a competitive marketplace, the campaign is expressed through a refined design language. The work marries a bright, crisp and modern design language with an invitation to connect with Maxima and kick off your next career move.

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