Expanding and energising the brand

Lippmann has been delivering major architectural projects in and around Sydney for over three decades. With ongoing urban development, cultural change, and increasing environmental challenges, there was an opportunity to expand and energise the brand, building upon the strength of their iconic projects. 

We partnered with Lippmann to elevate and unify their identity across various integrated components. Underpinning the work is a renewed set of principles that position the practice and articulate their focus on collaboration, social equality, environmental responsibility, and humanistic thinking. This approach demonstrates how strategic design can unlock opportunities for their clients. The visual identity is a natural evolution of the Lippmann look and feel, encompassing a new set of brand principles built on trust, collaboration, equality, and community. A new graphic language brings the evolved logo and brand to life across corporate communications, social media, website, reports, and publications.

We also designed the book Sydney XXXL, published by Altrim Publishers in Barcelona, which delves into Sydney’s history, charts the financial and political interests that have shaped its development, and—most importantly—identifies the key decisions that must be made to accommodate future population growth in a more liveable, sustainable city.

Friend and collaborator Richard Rogers states in the forward of Sydney XXXL: “In the twenty-first century, our world faces unprecedented challenges: an increase in global GDP, poverty and inequality, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, rapid population growth, the degradation of the natural environment, global climate change, political instability and terrorism. Our response to these challenges will determine the fate of our fragile planet and our ability to provide a life worth living for its citizens. Our cities, which now house more than 50 per cent of the world’s population, are central to our sustainable future.” Design is a creative act where we can develop ideas that contribute to society, future generations, other species, our environment and the planet.

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