Towards a climate resilient future

We created the identity for the Nature Valued Project – a key initiative of the Pollination Foundation. A unique project connecting law, policy and finance to mobilise capital at scale into nature-based solutions. The initiative is made possible with the expertise and investment of the Quadrature Climate Foundation.

Designed to promote, facilitate and encourage the inclusion of finance measures for nature-based solutions into the implementation of the Paris Agreement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in Glasgow, Scotland.

The brand narrative uses a strong graphic language with the logotype, colour and photography of situational contexts that are most commonly associated with meaningful and fundamental nature experiences. These smaller moments connect us to the epic imagery of the protected areas of the worlds bio-diversity and can shape worldviews and conservation commitments.

Ultimately, the real meaningfulness is in feeling an integral part of a unified whole. That direct sense of ‘inner knowing’ — of belonging to something bigger than oneself — can shift worldviews in ways that little else can, especially when it comes to forming durable motivations for conservation.

We're very happy to work with Pollination Foundation and support this unique opportunity in the UK to mobilise capital at scale into nature-based solutions by connecting law, policy and finance.

— The ongoing work around the Agriculture Bill and the Environment Bill creates a unique opportunity for the UK to shape a sustainable future for its AFOLU sector. 
— Limiting temperature increases to 1.5 degrees could require up to 500 Gt of negative emissions. 
— $44 trillion of economic value generation (over 50% of GWP) is dependent on nature and its services.
— To reverse the decline in biodiversity by 2030, we need to be spending US$722-967 billion per year. While that puts the nature funding gap as high as US$824 billion per year, the total represents less than 1% of annual GWP.
— With the global pandemic and the need to rebuild the economy, policies must more urgently be aligned with investment for a green recovery.

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