Visualise the change, a new positioning for ALIA national.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects asked us to make them a new beginning. They needed to signal that AILA was no longer a nuts and berries organisation from the past. It was moving future-forward, promoting the importance of the profession today and showcasing its work in designing and creating a better Australia – landscape architects can shape the spaces we live in. Since AILA was seeking a dynamic platform to define a new relevance and awareness, we created a simple, confident identity platform that could reveal ever-changing expression, just like the places and spaces we all share.

Re-positioning and re-imagining the Forecast Festival with the AILA management and the festival’s creative directors, we helped define and translate their vision into an identity to provide a platform for a more relevant and progressive positioning of the festival content. With a program of participatory experiences and conversations, the new Forecast is designed to inspire and engage by re-imagining the way we meet and celebrate the profession, share our stories and learn through discourse and debate. The festival has prototyped a new approach for landscape architecture, reflecting the way we work as designers – transparently, collaboratively and iteratively.

Sowing the seeds
It is a festival for designers, thinkers, collaborators and innovators to take part in conversations and events to help build a momentum that will underpin the future of the profession. The festival provided a new focus towards being more creative, more designed, more dynamic and more original, building confidence and pride in the ALIA membership in a way that is both tangible and exciting.

A new beginning
Since the initial Forecast in Brisbane, the annual Festival of Landscape Architecture has extended its commitment to relevant visual communications with This Public Life Festival in Melbourne. AILA has successfully reinvigorated itself as an organisation that is committed to contemporary relevance to industry, education, government and to the public by investing in experiences that inform, entertain, celebrate and connect us all within the landscapes of the public realm.

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