Branding innovation in the energy sector. 

LMS are one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies, providing end-to-end solutions to capture landfill gas and generate ‘green’ electricity. As the global conversation around climate change and renewable energy sources moved from government forums to the water cooler, LMS recognised that they needed to be more public facing.

Our approach for the new LMS brand identity was to build on their heritage, while appealing to a diverse audience – local councils, corporate partners and green consumers. Working closely with LMS, we’ve developed a new system of expression which brings a personable warmth to the brand that resonates with contemporary audiences. 

Infographics also form part of the brand language as a powerful tool to show an idea - or a relationship, or a challenge, or how something works - very quickly. We wrote, designed and produced an animated film on the landfill gas to green electricity conversion process, which has enabled LMS to easily communicate the benefits of their product to councils and corporate clients. 

LMS is currently realising the benefits of an identity that supports its innovative operations. With twenty-three power generation facilities, LMS has grown to be the largest provider of Large-Scale Generation Certificates from landfill gas in Australia.

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