Government Architect NSW, shaping our futures since 1816.

We collaborated with The Government Architect of New South Wales to develop an identity, positioning and communications that brings to life the 200 years of design thinking and planning that has been shaping the collective futures of the people of NSW since 1816. The Government Architect’s bicentenary takes place at a time of momentous change as NSW, like the rest of Australia and indeed the world, faces the challenge of creating a sustainable future, particularly in the cities and towns where most of us work, live, learn and play. What sort of places do we want our cities and towns to be? How can we achieve that? How can we build awareness and connect with people?

Good content needs a considered identity that provides a framework to deliver a range of strategic messages. We devised the GA200+ identity to provide visual cut through, to be relevant to a broad audience and showcase a range of heritage and contemporary projects that sets up a narrative for engagement.
Australians want good design and understand the consequences of a poorly designed built environment. How do we honour this ambition for better quality in the design of our cities and towns? The GA200+ has been devised for government, industry, academics and the public to engage in a conversation about how we can collectively deliver considered outcomes for the public good in the years ahead. The initiative gives shape to this debate with a program of forums, workshops and discussions in Sydney and around NSW. 

The past is in us not behind us. We have the opportunity to collectively shape our futures and we know that change doesn't live in the board rooms with harbour views. It needs to be low down near the ground with the people, so brand identity plays a key role to engage and communicate effectively, to drive awareness, to build capacity and participation. After all, we’re all in this together – a liveable and sustainable built environment in urban and regional areas that improves people’s lives will only happen by collaborating and working together. 

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