A Memorial For All, Not A Few.

Partnering with Grieve Gillet Andersen architects we helped define the communication elements of The Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk. The project pays tribute to the service and sacrifice of all Australians affected by war. It is one of a number of important projects in the Centenary of Anzac national programme. The Memorial Walk enshrines the contribution of servicemen and women, their families, and that of the wider Australian community. It honours the more than 102,000 service personnel, many of them South Australian, who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


Our approach was based around the knowledge that well-designed environments communicate with all people. And while every project has it’s own particular message, we know the feelings of being welcome, included and connected resonate as universal themes. How these messages play out in design, story and typography may vary for public, stakeholders or the veteran community, so the concept allowed the tone to move from formal to accessible, whilst providing a cohesive visual language to support the overall experience of place.

We explored a range of messaging and typographic options to provide story touch points throughout the walk and we worked closely with GGA and Veterans SA to ensure a timeless relevance would be cut into the permanent marble and steel elements of the walk. The typography and design was defined around the typeface Newzald which is drawn from classic Dutch typefaces providing classic serif authenticity with a contemporary revision and some customisation.

As one of the biggest projects to be funded under the Commonwealth Government’s Anzac Public Fund, the Memorial Walk has transformed Kintore Avenue into an engaging memorial precinct. The site encourages public interaction with Government House and is an important piece of public infrastructure connecting the North Terrace Cultural Promenade and the Riverbank Precinct. With so many important stories to be told that shape our identity as a nation, we’re immensely proud to have contributed to this project. 

Photography: Peter Barnes, GGA, Rodeo

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